Best Relationship Advice for Men

Photo: Jacob Wackerhausen (Getty Images)

Although hooking up with a girl can sometimes be a fairly daunting task, it’s nothing compared to building and maintaining a steady relationship with her. As you flirt with her, you bring forth the best part of yourself and try to be as charming as possible. In a relationship, though, the masks fall down and any attempt at not being your real self is seen through. So, in order for it to work, you need to know how to behave and what parts of your personality you need to adapt to your loved one. Fortunately for you, here is the best relationship advice for men you’ll ever need.

Don’t Hide Anything

The first tip seems basic enough but is often overlooked. Don’t hide anything from your girlfriend if you want the relationship to work. Admittedly, revealing your true self to another person can be quite a daunting task but it’s absolutely necessary. Only when you get to know each other will you be able to bond properly. The thing is, men usually think that if they hold back on some minor details it won’t matter, but it does. Hiding something unimportant sends a signal to your better half that you don’t really trust her and hurts your relationship. Of course, this doesn’t mean she should open your mail, read your messages or any other action. A certain level of privacy is still expected for both of you.

Listen to Her

Another somewhat basic tip is that you should always listen to her. That doesn’t mean you should always obey her, follow her blindly or even agree with her. In fact, this is a trap that many men easily fall into. Women tend to unconsciously test your devotion by asking you to do things they don’t want you to do actually. They want you to be able to listen, respond and then do what you feel is the best. Sometimes, even if you completely disagree with what she’s saying, hear her out and show that you understand her point of you. It is not necessary for you to act upon it or comfort her in any way. All she needs is someone to listen to what she has to say and understand the (possible) struggle.

Prioritize Her

This can be a bit difficult concept to fully grasp, but do try. If you want your relationship to blossom, you need to make sure that, at all times, your girl is your number one priority. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should spend every single minute with her or that you should quit your job because it prevents you from being together. It just means that she should be one of the most important things in your life and that you should always plan your time with her in mind. Think whether she would also enjoy a drink with your coworkers after work or whether she would like to go to that rock concert you’re always on about.

Be an Individual

While she should be your priority, don’t forget that you’re also a fully developed human being that is capable of functioning on its own. Don’t be one of those people who make joint Facebook profiles or won’t go out with their school friends without her. People who behave that way fail to realize that they are actually producing quite a different effect. At first, women will love these tokens of appreciation, but will soon grow tired of it and alienate themselves. Both of you need to be complete individuals as well as a couple for the relationship to function normally. After all, you’ve fallen in love with that person and not the indistinguishable blob that is made up of you two mixed.

Don’t Let Yourself Go

Just because you’ve already hooked up with her doesn’t mean you should stop trying to impress her with your looks. Yes, they become less important as the relationship progresses, but they still matter. That is because your shape reveals your inner state of mind. If you look your worst when you’re with her, it might tell her that you don’t care about her anymore and have possibly cooled off from the idea of being with her. This kind of thinking is actually a great motivator for you. For those days when you just can’t force yourself to go to the gym, think about your loved one and how you’re doing it for her. It is a win-win situation.

Be Innovative

The same thing that can be said for your appearance, can also be said for your mind. Do your best not to fall into a routine and try to always come up with new things you can do and visit together. A great example of this is, of course, found in sex. After a while, you both know what you like, but it’s healthy to mix it up from time to time, introduce new positions and even toys. The same principle can be used outside the bedroom. Take her out to a new place, surprise her with a gift or a trip, do something that she wouldn’t expect. This helps both of you keep your relationship healthy and strong.

Is there any other relationship advice for men you would like to include in the list? Share with us all the relationship tips you found useful.