DMT Is the Drug Everyone Wants to Try, But Do You Know Why?

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You’ve probably heard about the hip new (it’s actually ancient) drug experience people are after: ayahuasca. But what about DMT? Dimethyltryptamine is a natural compound found in plants, a neurotransmitter that activates a chemical release within the pineal gland of your brain, or what some people call the “third eye.” Basically, it blows your mind.

Essentially, DMT is a more intense but short-lived ayahuasca experience that you can smoke (or inject, careful), rather than drinking the magical potion that is ayahuasca. Some people who prefer to drink the man-made elixir will experience up 8 or 10 hours of mind-altering states, but DMT is, for all intents and purposes, a shortcut to that experience, one with rapid onset, short lifespan but all the intensity pushed at once.

There’s a little we know about DMT but a lot we don’t know, and that’s why we’re going back into our unlicensed lab coats to provide you with some little-known facts of Dimethyltryptamine and what people are using it for and what to expect if you’re a first time user. Don’t try this alone, kids.

DMT Is the Drug Everyone Wants to Try, But Do You Know Why?

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