How To Ask A Girl Out (And Succeed) Using Unorthodox Methods

Photo: Jason Todd (Getty Images)

With the number of guys that are available as options to girls at any moment it’s paramount that you differentiate yourself from the herd as soon as possible. Asking a girl straight up if she wants to “go out sometimes” isn’t going to cut it unless you’re Adonis. A modern male needs to know how to ask a girl out using unorthodox, original methods, and those that are likely to succeed.

List of options

This method works better in a text mode than in person as you want to list out things you two could do. So something along the lines of:
“Hey want to go out tonight? We can either
A. Go to see the new Tarantino movie
B. Take a walk around the pier
C. Have a dinner at “insert a restaurant”
D. Drink cocktails at my place :)”

But make sure all of things are accurate offerings, not generic versions of these sentences. If she declines all of the options at least you know that she’s definitely not into you.

The best ever

So this works equally great in text or in person, and the trick here is that you promise on something that is too good to turn down. Follow the mandatory “yes” on “Want to eat the best ice cream in the world?” with “Great, we’ll go tomorrow, I’ll pick you up at eight”. And yes, it can be that simple as you’re offering a concrete, specific thing that everybody likes.

Get silly

Ok, this one requires a little more effort, but if you’re crushing hard it shouldn’t be a problem as you’ll be inspired. So write this potential girlfriend a short poem asking her out, don’t try to be all serious like you’re Edgar Allen Poe, but rather be silly. Try to incorporate something personal you two joke about and the activity you’re proposing. An hour without distractions will get the job done, you’re writing 4-6 verses, not an epic.


A way of asking a girl out that only works in a very specific setting, but is too good and effective to be left out. If you spot a restaurant hostess working while you walk past the place, enter and ask for a reservation for two. When she responds by asking for the date and time, just tell her – “Don’t know, when are you free?”. If she’s caught off guard, and she will be, just state how it’s probably going to be weird for her to be on a date in a place of work, so just get her number instead.