Take a Look at the World’s Largest Fidget Spinner

A YouTuber has made the claim that he’s created the world’s largest, functional fidget spinner, with it weighing in at a hefty 33 lbs and requiring a leaf blower in order to get it to spin.

Fidget spinners, the wildly popular toys that have taken both schools and offices by storm, typically take the form of a three pronged device with a trio of bearings, which allow the spinner to rotate for a lengthy period of time. The devices have been branded “stress toys,” as they’re routinely advertised as helping their users de-stress by way of helping them focus their concentration. They’ve also been advertised as helping with ADHD, anxiety and even PTSD, though medical experts have differing opinions on how effective they are at treating these conditions.

While the world’s largest fidget spinner is definitely too heavy to be used for a fidget spinner’s intended purpose, it does look pretty impressive. Created by the guy behind the Hydraulic Press Channel, the popular YouTube channel which typically focuses upon crushing everyday objects with an hydraulic press, this time around he’s turned his attention to the popular fad toy. Using a 3D printer, he prints and then constructs the spinner, before his partner uses a leaf blower in order to get it to work.

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Although there are other YouTube videos featuring similarly supersized fidget spinners, we’d wager that as this one most closely resembles the popular toy, it rightfully takes the trophy for the world’s largest. Watch the video below: