Reddit is Mourning After One of its Most Popular Users Makes His “Last Ever” Post

Reddit is currently in mourning after one of its most popular users, AWildSketchAppeared, has announced that he will be retiring from “the front page of the internet.”

Though AWildSketchAppeared’s contributions to the internet were largely limited to Reddit’s comments section, his often hilarious illustrations of other users’ posts found themselves a widespread audience, with them also being routinely shared on Facebook and Twitter, garnering the amateur artist something of a cult following. However, he has now revealed that he will be laying his pencil to rest (at least on Reddit), with a parting message depicting a doodle of Cowboy Bebop protagonist Spike Spiegel. “And here it is: Likely the last sketch I’ll ever post on Reddit,” his final post reads. “It’s been a wild ride, guys and girls. Thanks for everything.”

AWildSketchAppeared may have been just another anonymous user on the hugely popular content sharing site, but his doodles eventually earned him a reasonable amount of online fame, with every comment he posted routinely being upvoted to the top of its thread. Eventually other users began messaging him in high traffic posts requesting that he submit his own unique take on a gif, video or picture, with him submitting a wide variety of spontaneous but still impressive doodles of the site’s most popular posts.

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Explained why he was leaving Reddit, AWildSketchAppeared said that he had been “spending so much time” on the site and that he wanted “to find an excuse to switch up my life.” He continued: “More spending time with friends and family, spending time going out, spending time with different artistic projects I’m building up on, and spending time with school.”

Frequent Reddit users will be sad to see AWildSketchAppeared leave the site, but he has kept his account online in order to maintain a library of his past sketches. Take a look at a selection of his very best drawings below:

Image Credit: Reddit / AWildSketchAppeared