Tips on Picking up Girls During the Day

Photo: JAG IMAGES (Getty Images)

The majority of men look at the night time as the only period of the day when their brain is occupied with the actual possibility of finding a mate, which is ludicrous. Constricting the desire to act on the second strongest instinct in human nature only when it’s dark can lead to many of those nights being spent alone in front of a beamingly light computer screen. That’s why every guy needs to shift his mind frame on picking up girls during the day and here are some tips in order to do it the right way.

If you’re still not being sold on the idea of approaching women when the sun is shining on both of you, just think about the effect of surprise you’ll saw when you try to pick up a girl outside the nightclub or a bar where she has her guard up. You can be the fifth guy in that hour that has tried to pick her up, she could be with some friend-zoned guy friends, her uncooperative, selfish girlfriends, the music is loud, and you both might be too drunk. Picking up girls during the day is the way to go and it is easier.

Attack everywhere

If you hit on girls exclusively at night you’re limiting yourself only to bars and cafes, and the girls you see in the supermarket, at the bank or in public transit just remain those uneventful “stories” you tell your friends. Keep the approach attitude wherever you are, in the park, waiting in line for a coffee, out for a jog. Don’t think that’s inappropriate. Likely, you’ll just make someone’s day by breaking the dullness of day to day activities.

Choose your strong side

Don’t go in with the mind frame that the thing you’re doing is wrong as if things like the one you’re trying to do didn’t happen, both of you won’t be standing where you are. It’s the most natural human thing there is alongside breathing, eating, and sharing memes.

So don’t approach with the “I’m sorry to bother you miss” vibe, just ask yourself who would be attracted to that or intrigued by it. Girls want to be entertained or captivated, so go for the funny or the seductive choice, both would be ideal but is more complex. So crack jokes, take things lightly, show off your energy, or intrigue, tickle the imagination and leave things unsaid. You know what’s better suited for you and whether seduction or comedy is more your thing.