Girl Rejects Dude After He Doesn’t Give Her Money But People Can’t Seem To Choose A Side

I will admit that I’m pretty broke, but I never have a problem paying on dates. I just breakdown and worry about my finances when I get home. But with that said, I won’t be handing out cash to gals left and right just because. I’ll just wait until I’m old and hopefully rich with a supermodel girlfriend — isn’t that every old guy’s dream? But where I’m getting at is that a dude shared a text conversation with a woman that involved him being rejected simply because he didn’t give her any money.

The Twitter user shared the conversation with everyone on Twitter, and let’s just say that not everyone was on his side.

Let’s first take a look at the tweet below.

Here’s a closer look.

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

Well then, that was unexpected. You know what else is unexpected? That some folks actually took the gal’s side.

Then again, some folks were on the dude’s side.

Well, “shorty wanted a check.” What do you all think?

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