6 Most Useful Cheater’s Apps

Photo: 101dalmatians (Getty Images)

Before we’ve even started writing this article, we thought about the backlash it could create because of the touchy subject and decided that we simply don’t care. Sure, cheating on your partner is not really acceptable in our society, but people still do it, right? Well, if you’re already set upon juggling a couple of lovers in your life, no judgment from your surrounding will change your mind. If this is the case, you can at least do it right and minimize the overall damage by using some of these cheater’s apps designed with your love needs in mind. Well, let’s take a look at what we’ve got here.

Auto SMS

If you’re in a long relationship full of routines and predictability, you’ll want to use Auto SMS app as your cover while you go off to your side adventures. This amazing app lets you automatically respond to missed calls, messages and even allows for scheduled messages to be sent at the time you want. This feature can be quite useful if your partner loves checking in on you at a specific time of the day and you’re a bit busy with someone else. There is also the option of SMS being read out loud if you’re unable to get to your phone but want to be warned about your partner arriving home early.

Nosy Trap

Another way you could approach this is by actually turning the blame on your partner and, that way, making sure she won’t spy on you ever again. Nosy Trap is a small interesting app that displays a regular iPhone settings screen but, actually, takes a photo of anyone trying to rummage through your personal stuff. This trap is great for making your partner feel guilty for mistrusting you and will no doubt stop questioning you in the future. It is a handy little psychological trick that might seem dishonest but will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

Ashley Madison

Now, let’s talk about the actual cheating. If you’re in a serious relationship or marriage, your best bet for finding an outside lover is a person in a similar situation as you. The website Ashley Madison and their phone app have been hooking up affair-lovers for years now and they even guarantee that you will find someone who’s just right for you. Truth be told, there is a little bit of risk with this service as they were already hacked back in 2015 with disastrous consequences but, then again, cheating itself is a risk, so you’ll have to deal with it.

Hide Something

Of course, when you have a secret lover or two, chances are you’ll end up with a couple of raunchy photos on your mobile phone and they might ruin everything if you’re not careful. That’s why you need to install Hide Something, a simple but powerful app that hides the files you want from nosy people. That way you can show all your regular photos and videos to your friends and family, but keep the raunchiest pics from your lover to yourself.

Black SMS

Another cheating app you might use (with some good explanation for your partner) is the Black SMS app. It lets you send encrypted messages in the form of black images you need to unlock to see. Of course, it might seem a bit suspicious that you’re getting all these black messages, but you could say that you’re working on something confidential for the government and try to get away with it that way. In any case, you partner will have no proof and can only guess.

Private Message Box

You will also need the Private Message Box, an app that hides the messages and calls from contacts you want. All you need to do is add specific numbers to your list of private contacts and from then on all of their messages and calls will be forwarded to the Private Message Box and hidden with a code or a fingerprint. That way you won’t get awkwardly sexy messages from your secret lover while you’re at home with the wife or girlfriend. Simply unlock the inbox when you want, read the text and let the application automatically close and lock down. As simple as that.

Just because we gave you a list of the best cheater’s apps you can find out there doesn’t actually mean we encourage such behavior. This article is for those people who have already decided. Let us know what you think and have you (allegedly if you girlfriend is reading this) used any of them.