Here’s How to Know When Your Relationship Is About to Fall Apart

Photo: Ranker

Relationships have changed, haven’t they? Back in our grandparents’ day, you asked a girl to be your wife without taking her out for a spin, and 50 years later they’re trying to celebrate their unimaginable life together while you piss and moan throughout its entirety. It’s disgusting, isn’t it, that simple happiness we once had?

Nowadays relationships are a bit more complicated, especially with the invention of ridiculous Tinder profiles, Netflix and Chill and the ever-present option of being an aimless, free-spirited millennial. But the upside to this loosey-goosey love life is we’re starting to pinpoint as to when relationships are about to fall apart, and maybe with a little help, it’s not too late, you cheating sexless dirtbags.

Thanks to some lovely ladies who wish to remain anonymous, we’ve come into some insightful statistics on the evolution of intimacy over time by Turns out, in our vast and seemingly limitless resources, people have never had more potential, yet also never more reason to stray.

Check out these bone-chilling stats taken in a survey of 2,000 people about infidelity for both sexes and various orientations between Americans and Europeans as we untangle the rope of sex and lies between those who tied the knot and those who did not, but beware, your love for relationships might be hanging by a thread in the end. Another option: Stick around and fix what’s wrong. We’ll give you a hint (no, it’s not a GPS app to track your husband’s every motion). Communication, people! Half of you majored in it (zing!). Now set your phone down and learn.

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