Watching This Mini Vacuum Crush Things is Oddly Disturbing

There are plenty of YouTube videos of big machines with oddly satisfying functions. There’s the hydraulic press channel, for instance, which destroys anything placed beneath it to the point where the chosen object basically becomes two-dimensional. However, there are none to my knowledge that offer a function that could be described as oddly disturbing, until I came across this footage of a mini vacuum.

The mini vacuum works by way of sucking the air out of its surroundings, with its pipe creating in excess of 400 Psi (pound-force per square inch), providing 10 times the suction of the typical vacuum cleaner. In other words it’s pretty darn powerful, as evidenced in z video from Chris Notap.

The video features Chris crushing a variety of objects using the mini vacuum, sucking the air out from inside of them and watching as they crumble under the pressure. While this is pretty interesting in and of itself, the way that each object contorts is downright vile but impossible to look away from at the same time. At one point Chris even inserts a helpless clay man into a water bottle and squishes him. It’s harrowing.

If you want to watch Chris experimenting with the mini vacuum in a variety of oddly disturbing ways (and let’s face it, you absolutely do) then watch the video below: