The Greatest Scams Of All Time

Photo: Paramount Pictures

We’re living in a golden age of scamming right now. The Internet has allowed hucksters, con men and grifters to reach out and touch suckers from Toledo to Tokyo and drain their money lickety-split. Hell, it sure beats working. If you’re looking to step into a new career as a scammer, it behooves you to learn from history. But also keep in mind that not every single one of these folks have a happy ending, so scam at your own risk. Here are ten of the ballsiest, most effective scams from history so you can see how it’s done. Have at it!

The Greatest Scams Of All Time

So if you were feeling inspired to do some scamming before reading this, I’m sure you’re super pumped now, right? Hey, sooner or later you will get caught, but at least enjoy the ride before you become a ride behind bars. Too much?


Yeah, I figured it was too much, but you get what I’m trying to say. Just try to earn money the legal way. If that doesn’t work, then just scam away.

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