10 Things You Simply Cannot Wear and Get Away With Anymore

Photo: thehundreds.com

Far be it for us to tell you how to live your life, but when it comes to these things, you simply cannot wear them and get away with it anymore. Of all the wars waged on religion and political differences, we’re surprised a full-on attack, or at least another hilarious ban in 2017, hasn’t been launched against those who still choose to exercise their right to JNCO jeans and Hammer pants.

There are plenty of things from the ’90s that should stay in the ’90s, along with the decades preceding it. Chances are that if it was a good idea then, it’s not a good idea now, no matter how clever it seemed at the time. In the slides ahead, you’ll start to see we’re just out for a good nostalgic laugh, but as the story goes deeper, you’ll start to feel those repressed childhood traumas begin to bubble again. We recommend you read this with a friend, as you laugh together, cry together and ultimately submerge your computer into the nearest body of water for sheer fear of having to see more.

Are these things you can wear and get away with now? Sure. But in the world filled with failed fashion trends and immigration bans, we think you might be pushing your luck with the sunglass straps.

10 Things You Simply Cannot Wear and Get Away With Anymore

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