10 People Who Are Way Too Into Bugs

Photo: Instagram/Adrian Kozakiewicz

Summer brings with it a lot of wonderful things – bikinis, tailgating, other kinds of bikinis. But in most of America, it also brings bugs. The insect kingdom comes out in force when the weather gets nice, and for most of us they’re not welcome guests. But just because there’s always somebody trying to ice skate uphill, we’d like to introduce you to ten people who like bugs. Like, really like bugs. A scary amount.

And let us just warn you now: you will feel itchy, grossed out and just plain creeped out while reading this. And that is a feeling that will perhaps last the rest of the day. But don’t worry, at least you’ll get to learn all about these folks and their love of creepy crawlers.

10 People Who Are Way Too Into Bugs

And sure, these people will never get freaked out at the sight of any bug, but I’m pretty sure that the majority of us would act just like this at the sight of any bug at all:

Yep, that is exactly how we would all act.

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