The Amazon Echo Look Will Tell You If Your Outfit Sucks

The Amazon Echo Look is the online retailer’s new personal style assistant, with the new device in the company’s popular Echo product line offering fashion advice to its users.

Unlike the Echo and Echo Dot, which provide users with a voice assistant that allows them to check the weather, order shopping and perform other tasks using its voice recognition software, the Echo Look has been built in order to take photos or videos of its user’s clothes before creating a “personal lookbook” containing all their outfits.

Users can also opt to choose two of these photos to perform a “Style Check,” with the Echo Look using its advanced machine learning algorithms and professional advice in order to assess which outfit is best based on a number of factors, including style, color coordination and whether or not it fits in with current trends. It’s essentially like having a stylist that can fit on your bedroom shelf.

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While the Echo Look will no doubt be a more attractive proposition for the fashion conscious, it still comes equipped with Alexa and therefore boasts the same smart home features as the other products in the Echo line. This means that you’ll still be able to ask it to order you a new refrigerator, but then you’ll also be able to ask it whether or not your sneakers match your pants.

Unfortunately the Echo Look is available by invitation only, with interested customers able to request one via the device’s product page. It costs $199.99, and you can watch its commercial below: