The Kids Who Interrupted Their Dad’s BBC Interview Now Have Their Own Cartoon

Viral fame can be weird. One day you’re worried that your burgeoning career path as a TV talking head is over after your kids steamroll into your BBC interview, the next those same kids have their own cartoon show as a result of that same unfortunate moment.

The Adventures of Mina and Jack is a new animated show based upon the viral clip of political science professor Robert Kelly’s children interrupting his important interview on BBC News, with Hans House Productions creating a humorous cartoon depicting fictionalised versions of the troublesome kids and their parents. It’s unknown if the show was created with input from the family, but the kids’ clothes have remained the same even though their names have been changed.

You can watch the prologue episode for the show below:

Robert Kelly seemed humoured by his appearance in the show, tweeting that Hans House Productions had made him look “suitably dorky” as the animated show’s put-upon dad.

The interview of Robert Kelly’s children interrupting his conversation with a BBC anchor has been viewed over 23 million times since being uploaded to YouTube back in March, with it becoming one of the biggest viral hits of the year so far. However, as with all popular online videos it was not without its controversy, with Kelly and his wife being forced to assert to the press that he didn’t hurt his children during the clip.

You can watch the viral clip below: