Grownups Can Downshift to Childhood with ‘Color Your Classic Car’

For every young car lover, there was a machine — perhaps more than one — that first struck a cord in the heart of a future driver. Those dream cars start the engine of aspiration, pushing a kid into adolescence with an eagerness to get behind the wheel. Whatever the first car the young gearhead actually gets a hold of, it become that first dream car within the imagination.

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Even if those dreamers are all grown up, they can relive the heady days of their days of early four-wheeled worship in an admittedly childlike way.  The Color Your Classic Car is a gasoline-soaked entry into the trendy world of adult coloring books from Delius Klasing Publishing.


The book parks 100 black and white images of enthusiast’s would-be dream cars from around the world. There’s a good chance any first car crush ride is on station here, with selections including Porsche, Renault, Mercedes, BMW, Peugeot, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford and others. It’s up to the “between the lines” artists to determine which cars they want to color and how they want to render their art. The pages are prepped for crayons, color pencils, markers, watercolor or oils.