This Kindergartner’s Homework Question Is Confusing The Hell Out Of All Parents

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I honestly don’t remember many things from my Kindergarten experience, aside from the fact that I once peed while in the reading circle, and that I once choked in class while eating pizza. But other that that, not much is left from that time in my memory bank. And definitely not homework like the little girl in this story got.

A New York photographer named Royce Winnick took it to the internet to try and get some help from family and friends after her and her daughter where confronted with a difficult question on her daughter’s homework. Well, not difficult. More like confusing.

Take a look at the photo of the homework below, and notice the second section of the worksheet. The instructions say that all four pictures begin with the letter ‘T’ and all that Winnick’s daughter has to do is name them. Take a look.

confusing hw

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Anyone notice why Winnick and her daughter were stumped? Yep, what in the hell is that last picture all about? Winnick’s friends and family only could come up with suggestions like “”twins,” “two by two,” “thumpers,” and “twabbit.” But all those were wrong.

So Winnick and her daughter went with “pet.”


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Guess what? While the teacher accepted the answer, according to her the correct answer was “vet.” What? Why? That doesn’t even start with a ‘T.’ And there’s not even a vet in the picture. This is madness!

And Winnick shared another worksheet that was just as confusing, this time with the letter ‘K’ instead. Take a look.

confusing hw3

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Aside from the fact that they ended up writing “KKK” on the worksheet, the answers to the bottom two pictures are “Kin” and “Ken.” What kid that age knows the word “kin?” Hell, I forget it’s a word. And what about that other picture looks like a “Ken?” No one would have thought of that. That dude looks like a pharmacist at my local CVS. His name is Eric.

In conclusion, back in my day homework had actual answers that made sense.

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