Apple is Planning a Complete Overhaul For the iPhone 8

Apple is reportedly planning a complete overhaul for the iPhone 8, with the company allegedly set to unveil three brand new models including one boasting a complete redesign.

According to a report from Bloomberg Apple has three versions of the iPhone in the pipeline, with two being upgraded versions of the iPhone 7 while the third will be a brand new design, potentially featuring a curved screen, stainless steel materials and advanced cameras. The launch of these three models is reportedly a result of Apple approaching the ten-year anniversary of the iPhone, with the company seemingly looking to up the ante for its smartphones once again.

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Bloomberg’s sources have claimed that for the premium model, Apple is looking to create a phone with a screen that almost completely covers the front of the device, with its display therefore being roughly the same size as the iPhone 7 Plus but crammed onto a handset the size of the iPhone 7.


Apple is looking to provide a major redesign for the iPhone line.

Though the sources stated that Apple could change its plans for this redesigned iPhone, which we’ll tentatively refer to as the iPhone 8, the company has reportedly been working with manufacturing partners in Asia to produce prototypes that feature curved glass on the front and back, with its appearance being similar to the iPhone 4. Its cameras could also be set to receive a significant upgrade, with its dual-camera system being positioned vertically instead of horizontally like on the iPhone 7 Plus, while dual-lenses are also reportedly being tested for its front-facing camera. The company is also said to be looking at introducing built-in augmented reality features for these cameras, along with depth-of-field enhancements.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were well-received but many complained that the phones were too similar to their predecessors. For the device’s anniversary, it seems that Apple is looking to silence complaints that they have lost their magic touch, and produce another leading smartphone. The next iPhone’s are reportedly set to be released as early as this fall, so we’ll find out sooner rather than later whether or not this is the case.