Superscreen Transmits Your Phone’s Display to a 10-inch Tablet Screen

Superscreen is a new device that looks set to enhance your smartphone’s display by way of wirelessly transmitting it to a 10.1-inch tablet-sized screen, allowing you to play games, use apps and watch videos on a larger scale.

The Superscreen’s 2560×1600 screen upscales your phone’s display to full HD, with its multi-touch and orientation control allowing you to use it just like you would your regular smartphone. After downloading an app, the Superscreen connects to your device and immediately begins mirroring its screen, allowing you to browse Facebook, watch Netflix or take video calls using its larger display.

The Superscreen has already proven incredibly popular with backers, with the project garnering over $2 million on Kickstarter with 9 days of its campaign still to go. Created by startup Transcendent Designs, the company is offering the device for $119 on the crowdfunding site, 60 per cent less than its expected $299 retail price. The estimated delivery date for the Superscreen is December 2017.

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Transcendent Designs claims that the Superscreen’s patent pending technology transfers data between your phone at industry leading speeds that are “faster than Wi-Fi,” with it able to connect to your device from up to 100 feet away regardless of obstructions. This would mean that input lag, which would be a potential issue with such a device, would be kept to a minimum, which will be important for those looking to use the Superscreen in order to play mobile games.


With it weighing in at under a pound, the Superscreen is also super portable, meaning that it won’t take up too much room when you’re on your travels. It also has its very own front- and rear-facing cameras, boasting HD resolutions of 2MP and 5MP respectively, with you able to take photos and record videos that will then automatically save on your phone.

It also serves as a unique way of conserving your phone’s battery, with it using 70 per cent less juice than if you were using your phone in your hand, as its 6,000mAhr battery last s for up to 12 hours on a full charge. It also has Touch recognition technology for those making use of Touch ID on their devices.

The Superscreen will be available for 97 per cent of the newest phones, with it compatible with both Apple and Android devices. You can take a look at its Kickstarter page right here, and check it out in the video below: