The 10 Weirdest Islands In The World

Photo: Walter Alejandro/Wiki Commons

With the world falling into chaos, people are looking for new and better ways to get away from it all. And what better place to do that than an island? Beautiful beaches, tropical weather – what more could you ask for? But not all islands are paradise getaways. In this article, we’ll take you on a tour of ten of the most bizarre landmasses in the world, where the laws of nature get broken and weird things happen to all who dare visit. From an island filled with nothing but creepy dolls, to one filled with cats, to another just filled with disgusting trash, let’s just say that these are not places you would want to take your lady on a honeymoon. That is unless you absolutely hate her. Then again, you both might just be two weird lovebirds and looking for some fun like this.

So take a look below and check out 10 super weird islands.

The 10 Weirdest Islands In The World

So, is anyone in the mood to travel to one of these islands? No? Yeah, I didn’t think you would want to.

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