First Look | BBC America’s ‘Top Gear’ Series 24 Episode 5

This weekend, get ready for the North American debut of the fifth episode from Top Gear series 24, courtesy of BBC America. And it just wouldn’t be the same if there wasn’t a race between the team! This week, Chris Harris and Sabine Schmitz will face off in the “King of the Hammers,” an extreme off-road motorsport event where they will compete against some of the best drivers in the world, and each other. But this is no mere race, as the obstacles include a very difficult vertical rock climb.

In CraveOnline’s preview from the fifth episode of Top Gear series 24, Eddie Jordan and Matt LeBlanc offer their support for Harris and Schmitz, respectively, as they prepare for their off-road race by climbing the intimidating rock wall. One false move, and they could be heading back down the wrong way!

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Matt LeBlanc is the first to test America’s explosive new supercar, the Ford GT. The new cutting edge, 647 horse-power GT is Ford’s fastest car ever that can go from zero to 60 in three seconds flat and up to 216 mph! Presenters Chris Harris and Sabine Schmitz go head-to-head in one of motorsport’s toughest events: a buggy race across the wild Californian desert at the King of the Hammers’ race.

Top Gear Series 24 episode 5 will make its North American debut on Sunday, April 9 at 8pm on BBC America.

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Photo Credit: BBC America