This Hilarious “Kama Sutra Guide’ For Kids Is Making Parents Cringe

Photo: Facebook/Katherine Peck

I don’t have any kids of my own, but I have friends that have kids, and I can imagine how awkward it must get for them anytime they find themselves having to answer a question about sex. But don’t worry, pals! There’s a book out there that you can hand over to your kids, and avoid an awkward conversation. That book? Mummy Laid an Egg by Babette Cole.

A mom from London named Katherine Peck came across the book when her and her son, Adem went to visit a doctor.  Here’s what the mom had to say on her Facebook.

“Well!!! That doctor’s surgery visit took a surprising twist!….Adem picked up this innocent enough looking book “Mummy Laid an Egg!”. (Haha, aren’t us mummies clever!!)”

And yes, the book looks very innocent. Look at the cover.

But Katherine was pretty shocked as she continued to turn the pages and got farther into the book.

“All began routinely enough, with ‘sugar and spice and all things nice’ and such, but I was ill prepared for the most sudden U-Turn on Page 6, where we’re introduced to Daddy’s friendly looking ‘seed pods’!”

That’s right. The book starts off very, very kid-friendly, but then things take a turn, and we are introduced to this.

And this…

Guys, those two clowns are having sex on a skateboard. And then again while one of them is holding an umbrella. I don’t know anyone who has ever thought about hooking up on a skateboard. Although I guess this might give folks an idea.

Of course this book will probably just bring up more questions from kids, like are those “clowns having sex while holding balloons?” Yep, sure looks that way.

Now some folks thought this books was hilarious.


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Others were concerned for the sleeping habits of children.


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And then there were the people that just wanted no part of it.


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What do you think?

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