Pro Wrestler Jervis Cottonbelly Loses His Title… to Reddit

Pro wrestler Jervis Cottonbelly has lost his latest title under strange circumstances, with him being forced to hand it over to thousands of Reddit users after “submitting” a post on one of its subreddits.

Cottonbelly, famous for his perfect enunciation and golden mask, recently snagged the WrestleCircus Sideshow Championship from rival Joey Ryan. Much like the WWE’s former Hardcore belt, the Sideshow Championship can change hands between opponents anytime, anywhere as long as a referee is present.

The masked grappler unwittingly bested Ryan by asking him to “submit” to doing the dishes for his girlfriend, with Ryan hugging Cottonbelly, repeating “I submit” while gently tapping his back. However, as per the rules of professional wrestling, this meant that Ryan had effectively “tapped out” and was forced to give the Sideshow Championship to Cottonbelly, who promptly fainted in shock.

Watch below:

Following his shock victory, Cottonbelly filmed himself addressing the wrestling subreddit r/SquaredCircle, asking them for their support in order to defend his championship. However, as a referee was present, Cottonbelly pressing the submit button on his Reddit post meant that he had accidentally tapped out to the forum, dropping his belt to 190,000 subscribers.

Watch the title change below:

This means that r/SquaredCircle has now been inserted into the upcoming Sideshow Championship match at WrestleCircus’ upcoming live event at SXSW, which will take place on March 17. It’s uncertain exactly how the subreddit plans to defend its title against the combined force of Joey Ryan and Scorpio Sky, but we should imagine that a laptop will be involved… unless WrestleCircus plans to fit nearly 200,000 Redditors inside its venue.

Take a look at the graphic for the match, complete with r/SquaredCircle’s custom Snoo logo, below:


r/SquaredCircle’s users seemed pretty happy with this turn of events. One user asked: “Can I add this to my resume?” Another added: “WE FUCKING WENT OVER!!”

WrestleCircus’ SXSW event will also feature the likes of Matt Hardy, Matt Riddle, Brian Cage, Sammy Guevara and Jeff Cobb. You can find out more right here.