Woman Thinks Her Boyfriend Is Cheating While On Spring Break, Gets Brutal Revenge

Photo: BJI / Blue Jean Images (Getty)

If a woman discovers her man is cheating, they usually have many different routes they go. They can go the “punch in the face and raise hell” route like this woman in Brazil did. They  can go on the “I’ll just shoot him in the penis” route this woman from Arizona went. Or they can go the less violent route and simply send one photo to shut everything down. Let us explain.

While out partying during Spring Break, one dude apparently cheated while he was drunk, and tried to justify it. This dude first sends a bunch of texts to his girlfriend, Jess, before admitting that he has just cheating on her, although he “didn’t even have sex with her.” In a way, I feel that statement would piss a woman off even more.

Check out this dude’s texts below.

Woman Thinks Her Boyfriend Is Cheating On Spring Break, Gets Brutal Revenge

cheating revenge2

What the hell, Chris? This is all Chris’ fault. Bastard.

Well folks, Jess didn’t exactly believe her boyfriend, so she decided to take this route. Take a look at what Jess sent after telling her boyfriend that “two can play that game.”

cheating revenge3

Well damn, Jess didn’t waste much time in getting her revenge, did she?

Sure, both dudes here are massive tools, but with a bum like that any dude with rush to take this photo with Jess, so kudos to her. Also, I’m assuming the guy in the photo gave her a ride…home.


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