5 Places To Spend Spring Break

While Spring Break varies from province to province, many schools are on vacation starting this week, and there’s lots to do from coast to coast. Here are 5 places to spend Spring Break.

Skiing. Almost every province offers skiing and snowboarding options, and during Spring Break many of them are offering discounted prices on day or weekend activities. Check out some of the national parks, ski parks, and more for a day of exciting sports at a fraction of the cost.

Celebrate maple syrup. Ah, yes, one of our most popular exports: maple syrup. That also means it’s Sugar Shack season. Pay homage to this sweet concoction at a number of maple syrup festivals that are taking place around the country. And if you’re lucky enough to live in (or near) Quebec, you know that Sugar Shacks are serving up locally-made fare (ham, baked beans, and sugar pie) as well as hosting a number of fun events, from hayrides to food markets.

Revel in our history. Museums across the country are offering fantastic rebates on their admission fees, meaning you can take in art, history, science, and a whole lot. Whether you have a family or not, the museums are hosting theme days as well. Visit the website of a museum of interest for more Spring Break details.

Visit another city. Take advantage of the bevy of activities that are taking place in each city during March Break. From discounted hotels and site attractions, to specials at local eateries, businesses are always touting Spring Break as a great time to take advantage of their discounted prices.

Head down south. Tired of the cold? A lot of Canadians (especially younger, single ones) head down to Mexico and other places in The Caribbean to reap the benefits of amazing deals on all-inclusives. Resorts know the season is wrapping up, so they’re being more generous than ever with their rates. Puerto Vallarta, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic are all great getaway destinations!

Photo: Air Canada Vacations