Internet Going Nuts Over This Selfie That Appears To Show A Ghost In It

Photo: Sam Diephuis (Getty)

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, stories like this are always fun to read because no one truly knows what in the hell is going on out there. And that is why all these confessions of creepy ghostly encounters are a trip to read, just like this one will also be quite the read.

Jessica Olgetree took it to Facebook to share a photo of her daughter, Haley. The photo is simply Haley smiling at the camera while in a car. But it’s not her that has everyone buzzing, it’s the ghostly figure that appears behind her that is freaking people out.

Take a look at the photo below thanks to Jessica’s Facebook, and see if you can see it.

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook


If you look over Haley’s left shoulder you will see a man in a green shirt. Now he’s supposed to be there. But right beside him you can see a black man in a ball cap smiling. You can even see how you can see the tree right behind him…through him. Creepy as all hell.

Now according to Jessica’s post there wasn’t anyone near them at that moment, so they still have no clue as to who this dude is, and whether he was a good ghost or just a plain bad one who came to mess up their fishing day. You know, as ghosts usually do.

Of course people will chime in with their “fake” comments and their “Photoshop” comments, but regardless of what it is, it is still pretty cool to think that maybe, just maybe this might be a ghost.

h/t Distractify

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