30 of the Sexiest Burlesque Sketches on Instagram

Artwork: @ericgandois_storyboard on Instagram.

Burlesque is the art of subtle sexiness. The historically theatrical performances have morphed into modern-day dance, musical, and talent numbers that tease the audience with the slow, seductive removal of clothing. But burlesque isn’t just performance art; it’s also a source of inspiration for other creative people. Dr. Sketchy’s, an “anti-art” school founded in a Brooklyn dive bar in 2005, brings together burlesque dancers and amateur artists in alcohol-serving establishments. The result is a figure-drawing experience like no other. Whether in full costume,  scantily clad, or stripped bare, the burlesque dancers act as realistic, yet totally sexy, life models for aspiring artists of all backgrounds. Dr. Sketchy’s now boasts over 100 branches worldwide, so no matter where you are, an erotic drawing session is likely within your reach.

We collected the sexiest burlesque sketches from Dr. Sketchy’s events. Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, perhaps you should try your hand at replicating one.

30 of the Sexiest Burlesque Sketches on Instagram: