These Kids Used Their Mother’s Tombstone To Let Her Know Once More How Horrible She Was

Photo: Rixipix (Getty)

Well that’s one way to send someone off to the afterlife.

Sure, death isn’t funny of course, but there have been some times where people have used someone’s death and their tribute as a chance to be lighthearted and have others remember how good a person while living they were. That’s why we enjoyed this hilarious tombstone joke, and that is also why we enjoyed what might just be the funniest obituary of all time. But the epitaph on the tombstone below wasn’t exactly going the funny route, as it instead was used to remind everyone just what a shitty person the woman was.

Buddy, Jackie and Mike are Mona Herold Vanni’s children, and take a look at what her kids had to say about her once she passed. Take a look at it below thanks to Reddit.

Photo: Reddit

Photo: Reddit

But there’s more to this tombstone, as Mona’s daughter Jackie had this to say, via Jon Lowder.

I am the Jackie on Mona Herald Vanni’s tombstone. I had no knowledge of her death until my brother contacted me. I had not any contact with her since I was 18. I left home at 16 with the help of my high school principal. My sister eloped six months before to get out of Mother’s control. My brother left immediately after his graduation 7 years later. We’ve all become upstanding citizens. The sentiments on her grave barely covers the brutal treatment we each received. I got the worst as I looked and acted like my father who I never saw as a little child. He was killed in WW!!. I had no input in the epitaph, but Michael expressed it right on. I, on the other hand, would have just put on her name, her birth, and her death in the smallest letters possible. We all loved our father, but were never were allowed to get close to him. Michael had the right to express his feelings, especially for his father. The real story is far worse than the epitaph.

Well damn, it certainly seems as if Mona deserved this sendoff after all.

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