18 Married Women Admit To Having Lesbian Affairs

Photo: photosassy (Getty)

I mean, if you’re wife is having a lesbian affair, don’t the pros outweigh the cons?

Now that some lesbians have revealed what actually occurs in the bedroom when they get together to have some fun, and now that we know a couple of famous lesbians who have been married to dudes, I think it’s time we read about a bunch of women who have had affairs with other women — married women that is. And thanks to Whisper, we get to read about all those women that got a tad too curious when it came to love of the same sex. And instead of having fantasies about it, they did something about it and went for it.

So get ready to read a bunch of confessions about women who weren’t entirely happy with their marriage, and decided to have a little gal-on-gal fun.

18 Married Women Admit To Having Lesbian Affairs

Well, now you have to wonder how the husbands would react if they found out. I’m going to assume it would be a short-lived rage, followed by threesome fantasies. I think all guys would react that way.

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