The ‘Trump_Regrets’ Twitter Page Is Just A Bunch Of People Admitting They Made A ‘Yuge’ Mistake Voting For Donald Trump

Photo: David Becker (Getty)

Well then, it only took barely a week into his presidency.

Since we told you about the “Half An Onion” Twitter that you should follow in hopes of getting that onion more followers than Donald Trump, we think it’s time we tell you about another Twitter that you might find eye-opening, as well as pretty damn hilarious. The “Trump_Regrets” Twitter page collects all those tweets made by people who absolutely regret voting for the dumpster on legs that is Trump.

As many insane people as Triumph the Comic Dog showed us voted for Trump, it’s even more crazy that it took less than a week for the folks below to realize they’ve just shit the bed when Trump has been a hot turd for years. So now that they’ve made the bed, they have to sleep in it. And we do, too, thanks to them.

But hey, I’m glad these folks have at least seen the light. Just take a look at some of these people who wish they could have a redo.

Hate to say we told you so. Well, we are in this together, so let’s see how this shitshow turns out, ladies and gentlemen.

h/t Someecards

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