Sky Employee Has Excruciating Conversation with Customer Deploying to Afghanistan

There are awkward customer service phone calls, and then there’s this. A Sky customer has shared his phone conversation with a customer service representative for the company, who curiously decided to switch up his sales pitch into a conversation about the war in Afghanistan.

The customer had previously explained to Sky that he would no longer require their services as he was being deployed to Afghanistan, with Sky inevitably calling up in order to convince him to stay with them. However, after explaining his situation to the employee, he was met with questions regarding the nature of his business in Afghanistan. After explaining that he was a member of the RAF, the employee replies: “I though all that was resolved?”

He then goes on to bring up the Taliban, saying: “The Taliban and stuff out there… have a lot of their camps been destroyed?” He then adds: “It’s a shame that it’s not all over.”

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The ludicrous conversation reaches its apex when the employee considers the benefits of the customer being in the RAF rather than a soldier on the front line, concluding: “That’s good in a way, then, because it means you’re not going to have any of the psychological problems others will.”

Though the customer stated on Reddit that the absurdity and awkwardness of the conversation had “cheered [him] up”, there’s no denying that it’s still incredibly difficult to listen to. See if you can make it through the entirety of the excruciating 5-minute recording below: