The Best Boozy Apps For Your Phone

Photo: K-Paul, Getty Images.

There’s only a set amount of space for apps on your smartphone, so you have to choose wisely. If you like to have a drink every now and then, you should probably grab one of these drinking-centric apps. From beer to cocktails to buying booze, these apps have everything you need to have a alcohol-fueled night on the town.

Bartender’s Choice

You know this app is legit because it comes from the bartenders that brought famed bar Milk & Honey to New York City. This is a cocktail recipe app for the home bartender who wants to make high-quality cocktails at home. No more simple gin and tonics or Manhattans for you. Using this app, you can search through hundreds of different recipes based on the name, the spirit used, and even the ingredients.


Beer apps seem to come and go, but this one is special. Like Untappd (below), this app lets you rate and tag beers that you try so you can boast to your friends about the hard-to-find stout you just imbibed, but it also has a recommendation engine to give you beers you should try based on your beer preferences. One of the coolest functions is the “beer finder” to help you locate the bar your favorite beer is being served in.

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Shopping for beer, wine, and liquor can be a pain. First, you have to go all the way to the store (that sucks big time). Then, you have to meander through the aisles, hoping that you choose wisely without any real information about said beer, wine, and liquor. If you’re lucky, you’ll run into a knowledgeable employee who can point you in the right direction. Cut out the middle man by using Drizly. All you need is the app and you can peruse  all the booze you want, decide what works for you, and order it. They’ll even deliver it to your door. It’s available all over the U.S., including: Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Boulder, Calgary, Chicago, Columbus, Connecticut, and 32 other cities across the country. Wherever you are, it’s likely Drizly will deliver booze to you.


If you want the world to see what special, hard-to-find beer you’ve been drinking, Untappd is the app for you. This social network app works through Twitter, Facebook, and any of the social media apps you have on your phone. This is an app for beer geeks to show off which beer they have had by “checking in” their beer on the app. Users also rate the beer and upload photos of it. Like BrewGene, this app also suggests beers for you to try based on other beers you have tried.


Carrying money is a real bummer. Plus, having to talk to people really stinks, right? In this world of social anxiety, due to staring endlessly at your phone, Boppl allows users to order drinks at your neighborhood pub right from your phone. You can also look at drink menus so you don’t even have to walk into a bar if they don’t have anything you’re interesting in drinking. Just start an account, input your credit card info, and order away. Just be aware that you’re still paying for the drinks, so don’t order a round for the bar.


This is one of the most popular bartending apps available. You can search through more than 8,000 cocktail recipes to find the mixed drink that suits you. The app also gives users information on bartending techniques and helpful tips to make sure you don’t make a mess using a shaker willy-nilly. If you’re a talented mixologist, you can even add your own cocktail recipes to the app so others can enjoy them.

Other great drinking apps include: Thirstie (beer, wine and liquor delivery), Bar Notes, and Mr. Bartender.