Electric Objects EO2 Brings Classic, Contemporary Art to a Digital Home

The art of the 21st century might go predominantly digital. But, that doesn’t mean the traditional forms of painting and drawing will fade away. In fact, technology like the Electric Objects EO2 offer to expand anyone’s access to the visual arts, both contemporary and classic.

The EO2 is a high resolution, HD digital screen designed specially to display artworks. It lives online and offers access to its own Art Club – a digital service resembling an iTunes Store for artworks. Users can shop the network online, selecting from a collection of classics or from today’s art commissioned directly by Electric Objects.

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The Art Club interface is instinctive and familiar, allowing the user to pick desired works quickly and to change them however often as desired. There’s a steadily building network of artists and selections within the system to give the user enough choices to suit a room or a mood, and EO2 orientates the art to its display.

Electric Objects made a little fuss and fanfare this week to announce it secured access to the works of Johannes Vermeer. A master painter who died too young at 43, there exist only 35 masterworks directly confirmed to him. The EO2 can display them all.


Understandably called “All the Vermeers,” the EO2 collection brings paints from 13 different museums into its Art Club display network. It’s the first time these Vermeers are available in the same virtual space for display.

There’s no word yet on specifics, but Electric Objects is working on bringing more classics and collections to its Art Club selections, turning the EO2 into as much an online museum as a home or office decorating option.