Creep Tries To Blackmail Pizza Delivery Girl Into Sending Him Nudes After Getting Her Number

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Just the other day we told you about a dude who decided to use his pizza order to teach his indecisive girlfriend a lesson. And that story was all harmless and fun, but this one isn’t all that harmless because it involves a creep trying to blackmail a pizza deliver girl into sending him nudes.

A Imgur user named Tabithaaatutt6, who works as a delivery person for Papa John’s shared some screenshots of some text messages that one customer sent to her after he got her number. The customer got the 18-year-old’s number after she was forced to deliver him a pizza during a tornado warning, and when he didn’t answer the door, she decided to call his phone.

And now that he had her number, he aimed to get her nudes by blackmailing her. Check out the bizarre conversation below.

guy tries to blackmail pizza girl1

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guy blackmails pizza girl2

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guy blackmails pizza girl3

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The delivery girl also explained what occurred into more detail:

“Okay, I realize that this makes me look bad but hear me out – he took a picture of my ass when I was leaning in my car to get his pizza and I was still pretty pissed about it. This was an “unprofessional” response and I would like to clarify I would never have said any of this to a customer while working, but when you sexually harass an employee and then text them outside of work (he got my number because he wasn’t at home when I tried to deliver his pizza and had to call him), the employee no longer has any obligation to treat you as a customer.”

Hey, I’m sure there no one has a problem with how this girl responded to this creep, who probably spends hours inside his menu drawer hoping to lure in some gals.

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