Spotlight | The Hundreds Red Letter Spring 2017 Collection

Much like all of The Hundreds‘ look, design and statements, the Red Letter Collection is the brainchild of founder Bobby Hundreds. The annual release is considered to him as being, “Concept to hanger, The Hundreds Red Letter™ is who I am, looking back, moving forward.”

Reading between the lines, and digging into the collection, we interpret this vision as inspired by the past, but wildly current. That means the products are made with premium materials, and attention to detail, but we can’t help but be reminded of the days of junior high. And we think that’s deliberate. Case in point: the Cringe T-Shirt and Arlington Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt, which are described as inspired by ‘90s coastal California lifestyle wear.

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While the line includes some items that will be highly wearable in the spring and summer, The Hundreds set out to a mystic winter wonderland to show off the goods you should buy and wear now. Included in the mix is the Mission Parka, which features a removable interior flannel that can be worn all on it’s own, and a classic, heavyweight hoodie that you may decide to live in — the Foxboro double-layered heavy duty Camber pullover hooded sweatshirt.

All images courtesy of The Hundreds.