16 GameStop Employees Reveal Their Secrets About Working There

Photo: Ethan Miller (Getty)

There are a lot of big time video game fans out there — so much so that it seems that working at a Gamestop would be kind of like the dream job to have for a little while. Well, not so fast because the men and women below who work or who have worked at a GameStop don’t exactly paint a pretty picture of what it’s like to work at the popular video game chain.

Now of course you don’t need to know the steps to making a Nintendo game work in order to enjoy this post. All you need to know is what GameStop is in order to understand where these frustrated employees are coming from. It’s not all video game fun working at GameStop, especially when you have to deal with angry nerds who want more money for their gross “crusty” controllers and their old video games. It’s actually a nightmare.

And now thanks to Whisper, let’s check out 16 GameStop employees revealing some secrets about what it’s like to work at this store.

16 GameStop Employees Reveal Their Secrets About Working There

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