Watch This Guy Count to 100,000 For Over 40 Hours

A man has spent 40 hours counting to 100,000 in one of the most obscenely pointless YouTube videos ever recorded, spending nearly two days reaching the number and amassing millions of views in the process.

YouTuber MrBeast uploaded his “accomplishment” last weekend, with him staying awake for nearly two whole days in order to count up to 100,000 with zero breaks. The maddening video, which has generated nearly 4 million views, has been condensed into one video that lasts for just under 24 hours due to the constraints placed upon it by Adobe Premiere Pro. When you consider the sheer wealth of utterly useless content floating around YouTube, it may seem like an overstatement to suggest that particular video is the worst we’ve ever seen.

It’s not.

If you’ve got 24 hours to spare, and you can think of literally nothing better to do with your time than endure one increasingly sleep-deprived man count to 100,000 in a poorly decorated room, then by all means check out the video below:

For what it’s worth, Mr Beast appears to be very self aware of the fact that counting to 100,000 was a severe waste of his time:

However, with his channel having gained plenty of new subscribers since the release of the video, it seems that he may have found himself a niche market. Expect to see a ‘count to 200,000’ video at some point in the future.