20 Times Sex Completely Failed

Photo:  KatarzynaBialasiewicz (Getty)

A lot of awesome things can happen in the bedroom, but then again so can a lot of not so great things — and that usually leads to a pretty embarrassing story. And these are the type of stories you might tell your friends while you’re drunk. But if that’s not the case, you will probably share a bedroom fail on the internet thanks to everyone’s favorite confession platform: Whisper.

Thanks to Whisper we’ve learned what it’s really like for lesbians inside the bedroom, as well as learned about some sex tape secrets. But this time around the confessions are just filled with embarrassment. And that’s mainly because the folks below are revealing some epic fails in the bedroom. Because sometimes it’s not all hot behind closed doors.

Check out these fails below reeled in by Whisper.

20 Times Sex Completely Failed

bedroom fails3


bedroom fails4


bedroom fails5


bedroom fails2


bedroom fails9


bedroom fails11


bedroom fails13


bedroom fails14


bedroom fails1


bedroom fails12


bedroom fails8


bedroom fails16


bedroom fails6


bedroom fails18


bedroom fails20


bedroom fails7


bedroom fails21


bedroom fails17


bedroom fails15


bedroom fails10

So now after reading these fails you shouldn’t feel so terrible about that one time you swore to your partner that that had never happened to you before. And now you can tell her that you aren’t the only one because a hell of a lot worse things are happening in the bedroom to others.

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