This Woman Has Made a Career Out of Smashing Her Face Into Bread

There really is something for everyone on the internet.

Bread Face Blog is an Instagram page in which its host, a woman known only as “Bread Face,” shoves her face into a wide selection of loaves every week. Currently boasting a whopping 140,000 followers on the social network, Bread Face’s videos have experienced monumental growth over the course of 2016, attracting millions of viewers each tuning in to see her smash her head into baps, bagels and other assorted bread-based food items.

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Bread Face Blog shares a lot in common with the Korean trend of Mukbang, which sees people (mostly attractive women) recording themselves while they eat. These videos are livestreamed to an audience of thousands, who donate money to their favorite “BJs” or “Broadcast Jockeys,” the name given to those who take part in the viral movement. However, rather than eating her food, Bread Face instead faceplants herself into it while soundtracked by artists such as The Smiths and Celine Dion.

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In an interview with Maxim all the way back in 2015, back when she only had 24,000 followers, Bread Face conceded that she could well be taking part in a very niche fetish with her Instagram page, saying: “Putting your face in things in general is sexy.” Discussing her viewers, she added: “Maybe it turns them on that I’ve rubbed my face on it or maybe it’s just a fun, novelty item for them—not entirely sure but I would definitely sell [the bread] or send it to people if they asked.”

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Bread Face links to a PayPal account on her Instagram page wherein viewers can donate to her. We don’t know how much she’s earning from her unusual hobby, but we’d wager that it’s way more than we’d understand.

It’s uncertain just how much pastry is left to sample with her face, but she’s already started incorporating deviations from standard bread into her routine, including sticky donuts and a raisin challah. Who knows what 2017 will hold for this, er, unique talent?