Spotlight | Midnight Studios Matures Into a Streetwear Favorite

Shane Gonzales is proof that hard work pays off. Gonzales started off right out of high school interning for well-loved streetwear label SSUR. Working for a brand with a focus on typography, detail and excellent styling appears to have made an impact on this young designer, as his own label, Midnight Studios, is not only excellently curated, but is now a fan-favorite for people like A$AP Rocky.

A few themes stand out when looking at the Midnight Studios line-up. An obvious nod to punk is present, and that’s not by accident. Inspired by bands like the Sex Pistols, you can see the tributes to the genre in accents featured in jackets, hoodies and of course, in the “Glitter Book”, a hardcover featuring images shot by Gonzales.

All images courtesy of Midnight Studios.