Build Your Own Multi-Functional Furniture with Spyntex

If you’ve ever longed to design your own unique piece of furniture, a company called Spyntex wants to make your wish come true. Until Dec. 20, you can get early bird pricing on the London-based maker’s self-assembly furniture system through its Kickstarter campaign.

Made from recyclable composite materials, the smooth, durable, and water-resistant bars interlock to form beds, benches, tables, chaise lounges, or armchairs that can sustain up to 350 pounds. The furniture is built by sliding the pieces together; one side is shorter than the other, the way you arrange the bars results in either a straight or curved line. Available in nine colors, the furniture can be used indoors or out. When you get tired of your design, you can simply break it down and begin again. Spyntex’s free mobile app helps you virtually experiment with and create new furniture before you invest the elbow grease into it.


This multi-functional furniture idea first hatched earlier this summer under brand name Spyndi, a set of birch “magic sticks” invented by Lithuanian designer Mindaugas Zilionis. The design–inspired by the natural curvature of the spine and consisting of 1,605 wooden segments–went viral. But that version cost around $900 per set, prompting Zilionis to sell the concept rights to an entrepreneurial team to develop a less expensive version.

Spyntex furniture through the Kickstarter campaign starts at $240 for an adult set. If you miss the Dec. 20 crowdfunding website’s deadline, no worries, you can still buy Spyntex on Indiegogo in January or the company’s website come February, but it’ll cost you.

Photos: Provided by Spyntex.