2016 Fitness Gadgets Gift Guide | 13 Ways to Grow Stronger, Healthier

You have to be careful giving fitness gifts for the holidays. It all depends on the recipient. On the one hand, you might be handing a real fitness enthusiast something he or she will treasure and really enjoy. On the other, you might be making the yuletide season less bright by insinuating that someone needs to drop a few ornaments off their tree.

That’s on you, and regardless how you distribute them, you’ll find a healthy dose of fitness doodads in this fitness gift guide. There’s a range of applications and price ranges, so you might want to swap one of these in for that Weight Watchers membership you were thinking about gifting.

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We break a sweat first with an idea that allows you to work out when you’re not working out — or at least when you’re not supposed to be. The Cubii is a functioning elliptical that fits under your desk. A free connected app provides various available workouts and tracks your exercise output. Whether you put it under that desk, a kitchen table or a work bench, the Cubii keeps you burning calories when you might otherwise be sitting on a backside widened by holiday treats.

For the rest of these fitness gift ideas, peruse the gallery below.