You Won’t Believe What This Year’s Sex Trend For Men Is

With the welcoming of a new year, many organizations like to predict what trends we can expect. As such, luxury sex toy manufacturer LELO has predicted the biggest sexual trend in 2016. And fortunately for us, it’s all about men this year.

What you might not expect, however, is that this trend is something many men have — up until recent years — considered quite taboo, or at the very least something only homosexual men take part in. I’m speaking about anal sex, prostate massage, and pegging. (Pegging, in case you’re unaware, is defined by Urban Dictionary as: “Anal sex reversed. Instead of the man sticking his penis up the woman’s butt, the woman wears a strap-on and sticks it up the man’s butt.”)

The 2016 Male Sex Trend Is Anal Sex

If you’re such a person who doesn’t want anything remotely near your butt, it’s understandable that you’re disappointed by this year’s trend — but hey, on the bright side, this means that 2016 could be the year you finally get your partner to commit to anal!

Why 2016 Is All About Anal

The Biggest Male Sex Trend of 2016

As 2015 brought sexual identity and gender expression to the forefront of mainstream conversation, LELO admits they witnessed a significant shift in sex toy sales, with prostate massagers seeing a 200% sales increase, with no signs of this changing. In fact, LELO predicts as much as a 400% increase in prostate massager sales for 2016.

To substantiate their prediction, the sex toy manufacturer released a press release with the following information:

“LELO reports that anal pleasure is the most commonly enquired topic they received going into 2016, with ‘which toys to use’, ‘which products can be shared by partners’ and ‘the best techniques’ all making up the top three questions, with enquiries about pegging techniques on the rise as well.”

A broader trend that’s really driving the development of sex toys across the adult industry is the deepening understanding and knowledge of gender expressions, sexual identities and lifestyles. The language of non-binary genders and sexualities is already in place and more and more people are familiar with terms like ‘non-monogamy’, ‘polyamorous’ and ‘genderqueer’. As the confines of sexual identity and gender are torn down, LELO predicts attitudes to sex will continue to evolve, for the better, as people gain confidence to explore pleasure.”

Who’s Currently Indulging In This Trend?

To see who is using these prostate-friendly toys already (sexual trendsetters, if you will), take a look at the infographic below to see where your city resides on the scale of anal pleasure:

The 2016 Male Sex Trend Is Anal Sex

As you’ll see, New York City purchases the most prostate massagers, but Miami has most sales per capita — with Washington coming in second. New Yorkers were also the most likely to research anal pleasure prior to purchasing, followed closely by Texans.

Some More Information You Might Like To Know

  • Are you afraid to ask your partner to experiment with this trend? Don’t be. 80% of women admitted in a recent survey that they would perform a prostate massage on their partner if they were asked.
  • Don’t be so closed-minded! Prostate massage is not something only gay men are into. Research discovered 71% of straight men in a relationship have tried or admitted they’d like to try prostate massage.
  • The size and intensity of an orgasm when prostate massage is incorporated can be as much as 33% bigger. And with prolonged use, men report firmer, thicker erections.
  • Prostatic fluid, which is secreted during prostate massage, is the right alkalinity needed to neutralize the acidity of the vaginal track, which allow sperm to travel to her eggs more safely as if they’re travelling hand-in-hand with a crossing guard. Which is a great tip if you’re trying to conceive.

How Does One Perform A Prostate Massage?

If you don’t want to dirty your fingers (apologies for the visual), there are proficient toys that do a better job than your digits regarding massage. For this, LELO recommends the following devices, and urges you keep your toys clean and have plenty of lube on hand:


The 2016 Male Sex Trend Is Anal Sex

Shaped and angled to hit the prostate, the Loki is a great prostate massager for beginners, and boasts six variable settings for reaching your best climax yet.


The 2016 Male Sex Trend Is Anal Sex

With its dual motors, the LOKI Wave offers both external (hitting the perineum, the swath of skin between your butt and balls) and internal stimulation. It is also the first sex toy to perform the expert recommended “come hither” motion for an optimal prostate orgasm.


The 2016 Male Sex Trend Is Anal Sex

The Billy is the least intimidating model in the lineup, is the smallest in size, and is very easy to use. If you’re intimidated at the prospect of prostate play, then the Billy is for you.

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