Teen Returns From School Trip With The Worst Sunburn Ever

There have been plenty of horrible sunburns, but the teen below might just top them all as he returned from a school trip with the most painful looking sunburn you’ll see.

Lifestyle, Boy Returns With Awful Sunburn

Connor Pritchard, a 15-year-old boy from Pendleton, England, returned home from a school trip to a water park in Barcelona with a horrific sunburn, and now his mother is pretty damn pissed.

“He tried to lift his shirt up and I broke down when I saw the burns,” 37-year-old Estelle Pritchard says.

Estelle says she could see the blisters on Connor as he stepped off the bus, and yet the school, Buile Hill Visual Arts College, is not taken responsiblity for Connor’s condition at all. Head teacher James Inman says parents and the group of children on the trip were warned of the dangers of the sun. Although I don’t think the parents knew their children were being taken on a school trip to the sun.

Lifestyle, Boy Returns With Awful Sunburn

The school also says parents were given a contract to sign, a contract that reminded parents to put sun lotion on their children.

“He was told in the morning before they went to water park to put on sun lotion, which he did as I had packed him some factor 15,” the mother recalls. “But he was not told again after that to top it up. They arrived at the park at about 10am and were there until after 4pm and it was very hot.”

“I think it was total neglect on the part of the teachers.”

Lifestyle, Boy Returns With Awful Sunburn

Well, I don’t understand why a teenage boy needs to be reminded to put on sun lotion. The feeling of his skin boiling should be enough of a reminder.

The head teacher still says that he and his staff told the children of the dangers of the sun.

“On the day of the pre-planned trip to a water park, the group were told at breakfast and before leaving the coach on arrival to apply sun cream and be careful of the sun. Unfortunately a small minority of children chose to ignore every one of these warnings and teachers advice to protect themselves by staying in the shade.”

Connor ended up going to the hospital where he faces six weeks of treatment. Other children from the trip have also not returned to school because of similar burns, which has forced the school to consider stopping trips abroad in the future.

Via Daily Star