Woman Finds Tongue-Eating Parasite in Her Can of Tuna

Never in my life have I been happier about not being a meathead addicted to eating tuna straight from the can.

According to HappyPlace, a British woman opened a can of Princes Tuna Chunks last month and found what turned out to be a “tongue-eating louse” that is commonly found in fish.

The Cymothia exigua apparently removes blood from a fish’s tongue by using its front claws and then basically attaches itself to the fish’s tongue stub, all in an effort to become the fish’s tongue. Want to see a disgusting photo illustrating this? Sure, here you go!

Cymothoa exigua, fish tongue eating parasite
And that‘s what was inside this poor woman’s can of tuna.

The Cymothia exigua can also be responsible for human beings throwing away perfectly good sandwiches, as I just wasted about three bucks worth of turkey, cheese and bread because I’m sure as shit not eating it after writing this article.

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