21 Clever Hacks Every Dog Owner Should Know

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Having a dog can feel like a full-time job. While it’s rewarding, it can still be exhausting, time-consuming, and expensive. To make your pet parenting easier and to keep him as healthy as possible, here are 21 clever hacks that every dog owner should know.

1. Instead of keeping your dog food in the bag, transfer it to containers. That way it’s easier to organize, you save space and will keep it fresh longer.

2. Some dogs get sick because they eat their food way too fast and end up vomiting. To prevent this from happening, put a ball in their food dish along with the food. They’ll have to keep working around the toy, which will make them eat more slowly.

3. Instead of spending all that money on a dog bed, simply take an old sweatshirt, put a small pillow inside, and sew the openings shut. That way he has something to sleep on that also has your familiar smell on it.

4. When your dog has an upset stomach, try adding in a small amount of chicken broth to his water. Just like humans, it’ll help settle his stomach. Be sure it’s low-sodium broth.

5. If you work from home, it can be difficult for your dog to understand why you can’t play with him. Put one end of a rope toy around your foot and dangle it in front of you. That way you can still keep working and entertain your dog at the same time.

6. Instead of trying to vacuum up dog hair (that can ruin your vacuum and still not collect it all), try running a squeegee over your carpet. It’ll easily collect all the loose hair.

7. During hot summer days, freeze chicken broth or treats and then let him work his way through it. It’ll keep him cooled down and entertained.

8. If your dog is stung by a bee, simply scrape away the stinger with a credit card and put a combination of water and baking soda over the area to clean it and prevent infection.

9. If you notice your dog is struggling with constipation, feed him some canned pumpkin and it’ll help get his system back in order.

10. If your dog doesn’t like having his teeth brushed, take a little doggie toothpaste and put it on a chew toy. That way he’ll clean his teeth on his own without you struggling to brush those back teeth.

11. Keep your dog’s paws from getting dry and cracked in the winter by applying Vaseline to them before any lengthy walks. It’s usually a good idea to wipe or rinse them off after so he doesn’t track it through your house.

12. Instead of spending big money on stain removers for accidents on your carpet, simply cover the stained area in baking soda, let it sit for a few hours, then vacuum up the residue. It’ll eliminate the stain as well as the odor.

13. Pet dander and loose hair are always difficult to get off your dog. Between brushings you can use a natural dryer sheet on his body to keep him clean. Plus, it’s much cheaper.

14. Another great use for dryer sheets is to get rid of static electricity from his coat. This is especially helpful if your dog gets anxious during thunderstorms or bad weather.

15. Not only is chocolate dangerous for your pet, you should also avoid onions, avocado, grapes, peaches and plums. Each one can make your dog sick and can even be toxic for them.

16. If your dog does happen to eat something toxic and you know it’s enough to be harmful, give him a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to make him throw up. That’ll get the dangerous foods out of his system before they can do any damage.

17. Chewing on cords can not only be expensive, it’s also dangerous. Apply a bitter apple spray onto a towel and rub it all over the cord so he won’t be tempted to put it in his mouth.

18. Pet hair on your couch can be a nightmare to remove. A simple and easy method is to dampen a rubber glove and simply run your hand over the upholstery. The hair will stick to the glove for an easy and natural cleanup.

19. To keep your dog’s breath fresh in between brushings, mix in a few pieces of parsley with his food. He’ll keep his mouth clean every time he eats.

20. If he still seems to have bad breath, put some doggy toothpaste on a lint brush and let him lick it clean. You can then disinfect the brush and use it again and again.

21. Some dogs make bath time more difficult than others. Use a teapot to make rinsing easier as well as keeping soapy water out of his eyes.