15 Bizarre Sexual Fetishes You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

I’m sure everyone has had a moment of curiosity in either a sexual experience or a PornHub search, but this is about something a little more extreme than preferring redheads over blondes or a little foot action. Here are a few of the most bizarre sexual fetishes you’ve ever seen. There’s no judgment here. Your porn search history is your own business. Have fun!

1. “Dendrophilia” – Sexual Attraction To Trees
It could be as a result of the phallic shape of the tree, but Dendrophilia is the love of trees, and yes, that includes in a sexual manner. I’m not sure how you go about expressing that love unless there’s a honey hole in it, but I can’t think of a more awkward thing to catch your friend doing on a camping trip than going at it with a sturdy oak.

2. “Knismolagnia” – Sexual Arousal From Being Tickled
No fetish on the list do I relate with less than this one. I would rather be punched than tickled, but those who are deep into the fetish will go as far as to be tied down while being tickled by one or multiple people. It may seem as though tickling is common in flirting, but for some it is the focus and high point of the sexual experience.

3. “Nebulophilia” – Sexual Arousal to Fog
It may seem like an extremely odd fetish, but think about how many movies feature sex scenes on camping trips with fog rolling in. Many of these fetishes are simply an obsession with something that most of us don’t even realize we enjoy. Although with that being said I’ve never looked at the fog rolling in the lake and wanted to bang it.

4. “Chasmophilia” – Sexual Arousal From Caves or Valleys
Some people liked “The Descent,” but other people REALLY liked “The Descent.” I’m not sure what happens to cause a sexual arousal from caves, but maybe that’s why I’ve always liked Batman. It’s not a common sexual trigger, but if you find yourself dating someone who considers themselves a Chasmophiliac, might I suggest spelunking?

5. “Psellismophilia” – Sexual Arousal From Stuttering
I have a soft spot for people who have a stutter because one of my best friends struggled with one all through grade school. However, at no point did I hear that stutter and want to make out with him. The good news is that if you have a stutter and you’re feeling a little down with it, take comfort in knowing that a group of people find it ridiculously stimulating.

6. “Xylophilia” – Sexual Arousal From Wood
Not that kind of wood, all you silly teenagers. This is a fetish where you’re sexually turned on from anything from tree stumps to lumber. If a tree falls in the forest, does a Xylophiliac have an orgasm?

7. “Body Inflation” – Inflating One’s Body for Sexual Gratification
Basically what happens is someone puts on tight clothes but underneath those clothes are balloons. The balloons will slowly be inflated and that, apparently, is very sexual for some people. It’s also commonly performed with double-skinned latex suits.

8. “Sacofricosis” – The Love of Public Masturation Via a Pocket Hole
I don’t know what sort of jeans you could wear to pull this off, but Sacofricosis is taking pleasure in having a hole in your pocket so you can reach into it and masturbate in public. I feel like that, even if no one noticed, the mess in your jeans would not be worth it.

9. “Vorarephilia” – The Love of Body Consumption
This is the feeling of arousal at the idea of body parts being eaten. There are numerous combinations as it could be someone eating your body parts or even you eating your own body parts. It also can involve someone swallowing another person whole, either dead or alive, and optionally digesting them.

10. “Formicophilia” – The Love of Insects Involved During Sex
Formicophilia is when a person is turned on by bugs crawling on them. Often times their partner will put small insects like ants onto their genitals and let them crawl around and nibble their skin. The stinging sensation from the bite is part of the attraction.

11. “Symorophilia” – Sexual Arousal From Disasters
Symorophilia may be the most dangerous, as it is being sexually aroused by watching disasters like fires or car accidents. If you saw the 1996 movie “Crash,” this was the focus. Have you ever been driving and wondered why so many people slow down to look at an accident? Maybe this is your answer.

12. “Climacophilia” – Sexual Arousal From Falling Down Stairs
I’m not sure how you develop Climacophilia, but it’s being sexually stimulated by seeing someone fall down a flight of stairs. If you suspect your girlfriend may be afflicted with Climacophilia and she suggests you guys take a trip to the Vatican Museum to see their giant spiral staircase, you should run.

13. “Psychrophilia” – Sexual Arousal From Being Cold
Psychrophilia is when a person is sexually aroused from being cold or from watching other people freeze. It could also be a combination of the two. I bet you never thought there were people who were turned on by the ending of “The Shining,” huh?

14. “Nasolingus” – The Love of Sucking on Nostrils During Sex
As you may have put together from the name, Nasolingus is a sexual urge involving the nose. Often during sex they will lick and suck their partner’s nose but the real clincher is that in certain cases the person will want to involve eating mucus. Some prefer sucking it out while others want to be forced to eat it. I don’t want to talk about this anymore.

15. “Actirasty” – Sexual Attraction to Sun Rays
Think you like the beach? Actirasty is the feeling of sexual urges or fantasies that involve the sun’s rays. It could be sex with the rays or just involved in some way, but yeah, there’s a scientific name for people who want to have sex with rays of light from the sun.