Gear You Need: Sol Republic Customizable Head Phones

Everyone looks cool rocking gigantic headphones, and now Sol Republic is taking it to the next level by letting you customize your next pair of huge cans. Sol Republic’s Tracks and Tracks HD headphones are now coming in a variety of sweet colors that you can mix and match to make your own.

Purple, grey, orange, even pink: they’re all available in this new approach to next-generation headphones. In the end, there are eight colors for the headband and six to choose from for the wires. The headphones themselves come in either polished black (V8 Sound Engine) or brushed chrome (V10 Sound Engine). If you’re not happy with your first combo, you can make changes on the fly. A new headband will set you back $29.99 and a new wire goes for $19.99. The V8 sound engines are 70 bucks a pop while the V10 will run you 90.

And these aren’t just worth picking up for their looks. The V8 Sound Engine in the standard Tracks Remix brings serious bass and prevents distortion when the volume is at full blast. The V10 steps up the audio quality with even bigger bass and aluminum discs that help elevate the crispness of vocal tracks.

The Tracks Remix headphones are available in stores now and you can find out more here.