Is This Photo of Sharks Swimming in a Lobby Real?

Photo courtesy of

This photo of two sharks swimming at the bottom of two escalators has been circulating around the Web again. The photo is often accompanied by the explanation that a shark tank in the Kuwait Scientific Center collapsed, leaving these two man eaters swimming around in the lobby.

But according to our good friends at, this photo is a fake. The first hint that it isn’t real is the fact that the Kuwait Scientific Center doesn’t have a shark tank. (That’s a pretty good hint.)

And secondly, the original photo was “snapped at Toronto’s Union Station, which was shut down for several hours on June 1, 2012 after it was flooded with rainwater and sewage.”

You can see the original photo here:

Photo courtesy of

If someone sends you this photo and story, feel free to send them this link and show them the truth behind this clear (albeit fun) hoax.

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