Man Arrested for Driving Drunk on a Stolen Wheelchair

If you crave the open air out on the road and a convertible just isn’t cutting it anymore, you should try a wheelchair. Just make sure it’s your wheelchair, otherwise you could find yourself in some trouble.

Police in Utica, Mich. were called to a senior living complex on May 27, where Raymond Kulma had apparently gotten into a face-off with James Konkel, a resident of the complex. Authorities showed up to question the two men, but found only one of them at the scene. That’s because Kulma had fled the premises in a motorized wheelchair that he stole from Konkel.

Police officers took off in lukewarm pursuit and the low-speed chase ended with a sobriety test. Kulma failed his test with flying colors, blowing three times the legal limit and earning a free night in prison and a warrant for his arrest once he was released.

This was Kulma’s seventh drunk-driving offense and he hasn’t had a license since 1993. He will be charged as though he was operating a car and currently has 10 days to turn himself in. Here’s hoping he surrenders to authorities and does not try to make a run for it on a Segway.

Via Click on Detroit

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